MondoChallenge Foundation has been working in Nepal for over 10 years on community development programmes focused around schools and capacity building in education in the Helambu region, 80kms North East of Kathmandu.

We were shocked and saddened to hear of the devastation caused by the earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April 2015. On this page we chronicle our efforts, along with those of our local partner in Helambu, the Helambu Education and Livelihood Project (HELP), in providing immediate assistance and relief to the villagers on the ground.

We have been posting regular updates about our relief efforts in the Helambu region and letting our kind donors know how their money has been spent:

  1. Chapter 1: The Immediate Aftermath
  2. Chapter 2: First Supplies To Helambu
  3. Chapter 3: Don’t Stop Trucking
  4. Chapter 4: One Eye On The Monsoon
  5. Chapter 5: A Little Bit Of TLC
  6. Chapter 6: Giant Steps
  7. Chapter 7: A Pause For Reflection
  8. Chapter 8: The Future of the Valley
  9. Chapter 9: Winter Is Coming
  10. Chapter 10: Spreading Warmth In the Winter
  11. Chapter 11: Laying New Foundations
  12. Chapter 12: Reflecting On The Earthquake, One Year On
  13. Chapter 13: Of Bricks And Mortar, Of Hearts And Minds
  14. Chapter 14: Nepal Schools Rebuilding Continues Apace