Since we were founded in 2004, we have been working with local communities to enable sustainable improvements in education and livelihoods. Here you can see how we have grown since our early days, and our proudest achievements and milestones.


  • Saathi programme expanded to 9 rural schools in Nepal with 18 teachers working to improve education quality for 1800 pupils
  • Covid equipment, inlcuding oxygen concentrators, beds and lateral flow tests purchased for 7 rural health centres, emergency relief provided to 100 families affected by flooding in Helambu, Nepal
  • Speech Therapy roomed constructed and equipped in Bikash special school, India
  • Two village banking groups established and trained in Tanzania, allowing women to receive loans to expand their businesses


Kikatiti extension worker visit
  • Saathi teachers continue their work in 5 primary schools in Nepal despite Covid disruption
  • Hardship fund provided for 138 teachers in NE India unpaid due to Covid crisis.
  • 116 women in Tanzania supported to set up new businesses particularly in agriculture and animal husbandry to provide food security during Covid pandemic


  • Launched our Saathi programme in Nepal, training and mentoring 10 primary teachers to work in Panchpokhari District in Nepal
  • Provided training to teachers in 6 schools in Kalimpong, India, in computer use and maintenance
  • Supported 23 blind and partially sighted pupils in Longido school Tanzania with teaching materials and pastoral care.


Three phases nearly complete
  • Started or completed building of another 5 schools to earthquake resilient standards in Nepal.
  • Supported further growth of our grants and loans programme in Tanzania with 127 new businesses setup with grants and another 82 loans provided to support emerging businesses.
  • Continued our support of over 2,200 pupils across 13 schools in the Himalayan region of India.


16 02 Esta Paulo Nga
  • Completed and handed over 6 schools re-built to earthquake resilient standards in Nepal, as well as 2 new hostels for girls.
  • Continued to grow our grants and loans programme in Tanzania with 98 new businesses setup with grants and another 69 loans provided to support emerging businesses.
  • Placed over 15 high quality volunteers (mostly teachers) to work alongside schools and train teachers in the Himalayan region of India.


Local builders hard at work in Birkharka
  • The first of our re-built and re-designed schools open in Nepal following the devastating earthquakes of the previous year.
  • Expansion of our grants and loans programme in Tanzania with 67 new businesses setup with grants and another 53 loans provided to support growing businesses.
  • Launch of our Education Improvement Project in the Himalayan region of India to introduce a method for the schools to drive their own improvements to all aspects of education provision.



  • Further expansion of Nepal schools support programme: 17 teachers now being funded, plus teacher training programme
  • Growth in student A level sponsorship for students in Nepal
  • Helambu Olympics success
  • Encouraging developments in Tanzania Grants and Loans programme; 700 women now supported.


  • Teacher training initiative and Agricultural project launched in the Himalayan region of India
  • Nepal sponsorship programme launched for A level students
  • School in a Bag launched in Nepal and the Himalayan region of India


  • First Year 10 students graduate from Magno Vale Academy in Darjeeling and secure places at local colleges to continue their education
  • Further expansion of Nepal programme: 27 schools supported and 4,000 children benefitting annually


  • Major new funding for the Tanzania HIV grants and loans programme
  • Magno Vale school building expansion in the Himalayan region of India region
  • In Nepal, a major new programme launched with school building, libraries, new teachers plus training


  • Over 300 HIV positive women had set up business thanks to the HIV grants and loans programme in Tanzania
  • 3 more classrooms built in Tanzania, plus water storage in 6 locations
  • Over 12,000 children benefitting annually
  • Education project in the Himalayan region of India expanded to 9 schools and 2 of these able to make a start in developing secondary education
  • Mondo was awarded a major grant to assist 10 small rural primary schools in Nepal. We built several new classrooms, recruited additional teachers and provided libraries and games equipment


  • Computer and internet facilities to a centre for the blind in Longido, Tanzania
  • A major expansion of the Tanzania HIV Grants programme took place and micro loans were introduced
  • 4 more classrooms built in Tanzania
  • Mondo started building a brand new 8 classroom school in the Himalayan region of India


  • Expansion of the HIV Grants programme to Moshi region and launch of an HIV training and awareness project in the Arusha region of Tanzania
  • Mondo obtain biggest single grant; a 3 year programme from Man Group charity for new classrooms, plus water storage in Tanzania
  • Developing support programme in the Himalayan region of India to help small local schools
  • First ever Mondo funded school building is completed at Mount View in the Kalimpong region
  • Nepal added to our list of countries as we helped support teacher salaries in schools near Kathmandu


  • Initiative taken by ex- Mondo Challenge volunteers to set up the charity
  • Springs into action after the tsunami in Sri Lanka raising £50,000 in just three months
  • Launches flagship HIV Grants programme in Tanzania