Challenge for Change

Mondo Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Campaign: Challenge for Change

Embark on a transformative journey! Celebrate 20 years with us as we virtually climb Everest, one step, one life-changing donation at a time.

Be part of “Challenge for Change” and create a lasting impact in Nepal, India, and Tanzania.

Mondo’s life-changing work relies on donations from individuals, charitable foundations, schools, and companies.
These donations help us:
  • build high quality schools which transform local communities and support children for generations to come
  • provide scholarships for poor students so they can go on to higher education and become future leaders
  • support women to establish their businesses so they can support their families and help change the local economy

The Challenge: Climbing Mount Everest Virtually

As we mark our 20th year, we’re embarking on a unique virtual journey to climb Mount Everest. Each step up the virtual mountain represents a standing order or donation. Together, we can achieve our goal and look forward to a sustainable future, with the opportunity to bring positive change to even more lives.

How Can You Help?

Become a Regular Giver: Pledge to make a monthly standing order donation, with a focus on achieving “20 in 20” – a target of £20 per month for our 20th year. Your contribution will directly support our projects and ensure the Mondo Foundation’s stability and sustainability.

Change :
A Life, A Community, A School

WHY – Create Sustainable Communities in Nepal, India and Tanzania.

HOW – Through Education & Enterprise Programmes

WHERE – Nepal, India and Tanzania

WHAT – SAATHI Teacher Training, Vicoba, Micro Finance, Scholarships, Grants (Business & Agriculture)

OUR GOAL – To climb our own ‘Virtual Mount Everest’ where every pound donated or standing order pledged = feet climbed up Mount Everest.


Nepal – Our focus is to improve the quality of education at community-run government schools in rural villages. READ more here

India – Our funds focus on school buildings, teacher training and student activities to provide a better education. READ more here

Tanzania – Grants Programme; READ here the stories of some of the grant recipients.

Alternative ways to help –

One off donations

Sponsored Events


Mondo 20th Anniversary Dinner