About Us

Who We Are

Mondo is a UK based charity that works to provide sustainable support for education and livelihoods in developing countries. We were established in 2004 and work primarily in NE India, Nepal and Tanzania. The wide range of projects we run with local partners help us address three of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, that of: Quality Education, Gender Equality and Decent Work & Economic Growth.


Long term sustainable communities enriched by quality education and livelihood opportunities


We aim to provide high quality education for children in Indian, Nepali and Tanzanian communities; to enable livelihood opportunities within these communities; and to motivate the children to progress as far as possible with their education and contribute back to their communities

Our Values

1. Keeping community-based development at the heart of everything we do

Mondo only works with organisations who understand local needs and who hold the keys to locally-led change. As such we are an enabler and all our funding for education and livelihood projects is channelled through our partner organisations which are registered with national governments and are run by nationals who work with local communities to sustain the projects long-term.

2. Acting with empathy

Mondo works with partners in areas of the world where people face extraordinary challenges and where there are no simple answers. We are therefore committed in all our work to first seek to understand and respond to what priorities local people see as important, as opposed to what we think they need. We cannot co-design without compassion and empathy and we are careful not to portray our beneficiaries as helpless victims; rather we find ways to celebrate the positive transformation which they have brought about through our funding and partnership.

3. Acting with integrity and transparency

Mondo raises and channels funds from donors to beneficiaries, as such it is especially beholden on us to act with the highest levels of integrity and be transparent. To that end, we prioritise good governance, seek to measure our impact (including working with external evaluators) and make our financial accounts accessible on our website. We are committed to regularly communicating with stakeholders including end users, donors, governments and partners and sharing the lessons we learn.

4. Maintaining personal and collective accountability

Mondo’s reputation is dependent on the integrity of the individuals who work and volunteer for it and the country partners we have on the ground. As such we prioritise personal and collective responsibility and expect high ethical standards from people we work with. We seek to ensure that every penny we raise is used effectively to transform lives and this includes keeping our overhead and administration costs as low as we can and rigorously monitoring the work being done at country level.

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Join our Volunteers

Working with communities to change lives

Volunteers have contributed to our programme from the outset and have been an invaluable resource in the energy, ideas and skills they bring. See how you can make a real difference to local communities by volunteering in India or Nepal.