Many Mondo volunteers are students looking to enrich their skills and experience by volunteering abroad. Over the last few years we have mobilised groups of students from UK Universities to go as a group to offer practical help and learn about International Development issues. We currently work with Loughborough and Cambridge University here in the UK but would be happy to develop partnerships with other colleges or universities.
Mondo student volunteers usually spend 4-6 weeks over the summer working at one of the Mondo supported schools in the Himalayan region of India or Nepal. Here they help to teach English coming up with wonderful ways to make sessions interactive and fun for students. They can also be involved in running sports activities or helping improve the fabric of the school. Each volunteer brings their own unique set of skills to the work, and we know from experience that volunteers learn a great deal of new skills during their time at the schools.
Please note we can only work with students 18 years or over.

See how student volunteers from the University of Cambridge enjoyed their Nepal experience

As a Student volunteer you have the opportunity to...
  • Stay with a host family for 4-6 weeks and immerse yourself in the local culture
  • Learn from local teachers, students and community leaders
  • Work in a school teaching English and other subjects, and co-design lesson plans as agreed with staff
  • Collect case studies from scholarship recipients and help to assess the impact scholarships have made to recipients future prospects
  • Help our local team compile reports on projects and document constructed facilities in use

“The most unique part of the experience was becoming integrated into the community. Eating, sleeping, socialising and working together, meant that I quickly became part of the family. By the end of my trip, I’d nearly been invited to every house in the village for tea, dinner or a party!” – Kim, student volunteer, Nepal

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