Mondo in Nepal

In Nepal, our projects are handled by a local NGO; Helambu Education and Livelihood Partnership (HELP) headed by our country manager, Jimmy Lama. HELP has a small-dedicated team governed by local residents and an advisory committee of Nepalese education experts.
Our focus in Nepal is to improve the quality of education at community run government schools in the rural villages of Sindupalchowk district
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Building new classrooms, toilet blocks, playgrounds (and fencing to ensure safety) and improving drinking water supplies.

See our next school construction project take shape with the help of teachers and the local community

Providing desks, benches, whiteboards, blackboard chalk, books, stationery, school uniforms, school bags and other invaluable educational materials to ensure that students have the necessary resources to fulfil their potential.

Ensuring that students with potential have the resources to undertake higher education, whilst giving back to their communities by volunteering their time and applying their new skills.
Our Saathi teachers are highly motivated graduates who commit to working 2 years in deprived rural schools.  They are making a huge difference to the quality of education in remote areas.

Nepal Earthquakes 2015

Immediately after the devastating earthquakes in 2015, we delivered emergency supplies and shelter to 3,000 families in 32 villages and completed 205 Temporary Learning Centres in 42 villages in partnership with the Nepalese government enabling schooling to resume for 4,000 children.

In November 2015 we were awarded the prestigious Directory of Social Change Award for our work post-earthquake and are currently working with the Nepali Department of Education to help repair, rebuild and resource a number of schools in the valley.



70kms from Kathmandu, in the beautiful Helambu valley and surrounds which is nestled in the Himalayan Foothills



Over 200 classrooms built, and over 30 schools extended, re-built or built from scratch following 2015 Earthquakes

Female Empowerment


3 hostels built specifically for girls and 10 special girls toilet facilities, both to encourage girls to continue their education

We have invested in new educational and sporting equipment for our partner schools to enrich education.
Our school bags, provided in conjunction with the School in a Bag project, contain:
  • pencil case and pens
  • set of pencils and colouring pencils
  • ruler
  • maths set including protractor and compass
  • various exercise books
  • lunchbox and cutlery
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Over 20 teachers funded per year in conjunction with local communities



Drinking water and sanitation facilities installed at over 25 schools



Over 3000 students provided with stationery and education materials

Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteers have contributed to our programme from the outset and have been an invaluable resource in the energy, ideas and skills they bring. Since the earthquake in 2015, volunteers are an even more important part of our projects, helping to empower local communities and assisting in capacity building.

See how you can make a real difference to local communities by using your skills to train teachers, organise sporting events, survey building projects and much more!