As the impact of Coronavirus is being felt across the world, I wanted to keep you up to date on how this is affecting Mondo’s work in Nepal, India and Tanzania.

At present schools are closed in all three countries, so our vital education work has been temporarily suspended and our local partners in Nepal and India have closed their offices.  In Tanzania, where there is not yet a full lock down, we are trying to keep some activities going, particularly providing financial support for our business women – many of  whom are planting new crops to make best use of the current rainy season.

Our key aim at present is to ensure that we do not engage in activities that could aid the spread of the virus, especially those which involve unnecessary movement of people or gatherings.  We are in constant contact with our staff, and they in turn are reaching our beneficiaries by phone where possible, with important messages on handwashing and social distancing.

It is impossible to know what will be the full impact of this crisis on the vulnerable communities where we work.  Once the lock down period is past, we know there will be an urgent need for our beneficiaries to try to get back to life as normal, resume their schooling and keep working to ensure their livelihood security.  Mondo aims to provide the help they need and we thank our supporters for staying with us at this challenging time.

– Anna Brian, Mondo CEO, 24 March 2020



We will be keeping you updated throughout the crisis with blogs on how Mondo supported programmes and teams are coping :