Improving Primary Education in rural Sindhupalchowk

According to the Impact study, 2021 Saathi teachers have significantly improved their classrooms compared to the baseline data. Despite starting late in the first year and the disruption caused by Covid in the second year, Saathi teachers successfully worked on the language and numerical skills in the classrooms. Saathi teachers started working on norms setting, building classroom and school culture, gaining trust with students, existing teachers, and parents, creating engaging lessons and group work. This helped Saathi teachers to understand the students better. Not only Saathi teachers other teachers from the schools noted the positive impact they are having – frequently saying that the children are now better behaved, happier, and attend more regularly.

Another important factor supporting the Saathi Teacher programme is that the teachers who worked as Saathi teachers are now also looking forward to working in the education sector as teachers or educational leaders. This fully supports the theory of change and sustainability of the programme.

Results of Impact Study



Our four Saathi teachers directly supported the students in the English language. From our result, we have seen significant growth of students learning competencies in terms of the English language.

While around 75% of students could not even write a proper word during baseline, around 75% of the students can easily write the words using a picture and jumbled words. Compared to the control school, our Saathi schools perform well.



Saathi teachers directly support math in 3 schools. Saathi teachers’ first worked on dealing with mathematics anxiety in children using a different approach like fun activities, projects, etc. As it is seen, students have progressed distinctively in terms of addition and multiplication. The highest growth is around 40% seen in addition. Saathi teachers are moving forward on other curriculum expectations of the grade level while helping students catch up with basic skills.





  • COMMUNICATION teaches students to convey ideas quickly and efficiently.
    Saathi teachers are developing reading culture in students. More than 70% of students from Saathi classrooms read new books at least once a week.
  • CREATIVITY aids the students to think uniquely.
    Almost 40% of students of Saathi School are using different methods of learning Daily. Students learned by doing their own.
  • COLLABORATION helps students understand how to address a problem, pitch solutions and create the best solutions.
    According to a survey, 50% of students taught by Saathi teahers engage in group work on a daily basis and 30% of them follow the SHare-Pair method of learning.
  • CRITICAL THINKING helps students question, claim, and seek the truth.
    Students are connecting with local resources and real life examples in their learning. More than 40% students are connecting their studies with their community and daily life.