The final part of our CEO’s trip to Nepal saw him attend teaching training sessions organised to help schools improve the quality of their education offering. Catch up on the story so far if you’ve missed Part 1Part 2Part 3. or Part 4.

The Helambu visit happened to coincide with a teacher-training day Jimmy had organised and I was invited to address the group.  The session involved all the 20 teachers we are funding.  I was impressed at the relative youth of this cohort, but also at their keenness and obvious commitment to the work they are doing.  Several important topics were discussed during the day, including their relationship with the government teachers.  Individual workshops took place and all the teachers had an opportunity to make presentations, and to debate the findings of their peers.  It was a very successful meeting and a wonderful opportunity to meet these inspiring young people.

We also saw the builder training in Kathmandu where 30 bricklayers were on a one-week skill improvement course.  This gives them the qualification to join our building teams in Helambu.

Finally, on my last day, I was invited to give a talk to the business students at Kathmandu University.  I was asked to talk about how MondoChallenge Foundation had started and how my earlier career had provided me with the skills and desire to run an international charity.  It actually gave me personally food for thought, let alone the audience!  It was a great finale to a fascinating fortnight.