Scholarship season is now in full swing at Mondo local partner HELP’s office in Kathmandu.

The Helambu students seem to have taken the earthquake last year as a spur as the results for the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams are better than ever this year, with more than ever reaching the minimum level for being considered for a HELP scholarship to a college for the “Plus 2” (“A” Level) course that will set them on course for a career.

As a result HELP have received around 250 applications coming from some 34 schools in the region and are looking to select the best pupils to fund.   Some will study in one of the colleges in Helambu, others who are lucky enough to have relatives in Kathmandhu who can accommodate them while they are on their course may get a place in one of the more prestigious colleges in the capital.

But the SLC marks are certainly not all that matters in selecting the students. Every applicant writes an application form and an essay which is their opportunity to explain their aspirations and how they will benefit themselves and their community from the scholarship. The applications were assessed by the HELP staff and 110 students were shortlisted according to the financial needs of their families, the evidence of the students’ motivation and their clarity of expression.

These 110 students have now been interviewed and from this the final selection of perhaps 40 students will be made. It is a big commitment for HELP and Mondo Foundation, HELP’s primary backer as money must be found to pay fees and ancillary expenses for two years for each student at considerable cost despite the discount in fees that HELP frequently manages to negotiate from the colleges to help these deserving students.

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