Earlier this year Mondo’s CEO Stephen Carrick-Davies was invited to join the committee of the recently formed British and Nepal NGO network (BRANNGO).

This network, run very much by volunteers, is an informal forum of individuals and UK charities with a shared commitment to working in partnership in Nepal to:

  • Exchanging information;
  • Facilitating dialogue; and
  • Encouraging collaboration.

Through these activities, the organisation believes it can promote best practice, avoid duplication and ultimately better serve, work with, and learn from the people of Nepal. As part of the sharing of information Stephen has produced the first of what will be bi-monthly briefing documents for members.

With the tremendous political and social changes in Nepal, where better to start than on producing a briefing on these changes and the possible implications for all NGOs working in Nepal.  You can access the briefing here.  Already it has been circulated to hundreds of NGOs working in the UK and later in May a special launch event will be held at the Nepali Embassy in London with his excellency Dr Durga Bahadur Subedi helping to officially launch the network.  You can read more details of the work of BRANNGO here.

Stephen says,  “Small NGOs like Mondo have amazing stories to share about success and impact, about how we use scare charitable resources and – importantly – how we work on the ground with local NGOs in true partnership and respect.  Having pioneered quality education initiatives and major school building projects in Nepal, Mondo  has lots to share but also to learn from others.  I believe that organisations which don’t share, shrivel and ultimately remain in their silo. That’s why I am passionate about BRANNGO’s work and it’s emphasis on sharing, collaboration and most of all doing what is best for the long-term development of Nepal”.

You can read Stephen’s earlier blog about the first BRANNGO conference last year here.