Mark Adams

Mark Adams

Mark Adams is a Primary School Teacher with 10 years experience.  He came into contact with Mondo Foundation through a mutual friend.  Having wanted to spend time as a volunteer, Mark took a year’s sabbatical from work in September 2018 and spent seven months working with Mondo Challenge Kalimpong schools in India.  Mark also spent 4 weeks working with one school in Nepal.

Arriving in Kalimpong as a classroom teacher, the focus of Mark’s time in India shifted quickly and he began looking at ways to improve the educational experience for the children of this incredibly beautiful part of India more widely.  Working with twelve Headteachers and the Country Manager, Mark delivered teacher training on how to make lessons more engaging, interactive and fun for children.  He taught model lessons across many subjects and promoted the use of storytelling especially as a great way of encouraging children to use their English language.  Mark lived locally with families across the Darjeeling/Kalimpong area and become intoxicated by the warmth, hospitality and enthusiasm he was shown during the length of his time there.

Returning to the UK in May 2019, Mark was invited to become a trustee of Mondo Foundation as he was keen to remain involved and help continue to support the work of the front-line staff in Darjeeling and Kalimpong.   He also wanted to work to help develop ways of supporting the Nepal schools too. Ultimately, it is Mark’s own experience and understanding of the local picture that makes the work such an exciting and worthwhile challenge for him to continue to be part of.

I firmly believe that it is the children’s experience that must be held at the centre of priorities.  Taking account of the extremely different local conditions in each case is also imperative.

Mark (right with some of the teachers in Mondo schools)