Nitish Upadhyaya

Nitish Upadhyaya

Nitish first became involved with the charity in 2010 when he taught at a school funded by the Foundation in Nepal and, as an Ambassador, helped recommend steps to develop the project. In 2011-2, he spent time in Tanzania, working with our local team on the HIV grants and loan programme, meeting with the various recipients and carrying out an impact assessment to help improve the Foundation’s programme.

Nitish has been particularly involved in our Nepal and Tanzania programmes since becoming a trustee over five years ago, most recently helping to co-ordinate aid and reconstruction efforts in Nepal following the earthquakes. He has returned to Nepal twice since his original visit, most recently in May 2016 to see the rebuilding in progress.

Nitish is based in London and currently works in the legal sector.

“The unique aspect that really drew me to the Foundation and keeps me motivated is the Mondo family’s incredible set of staff, volunteers and donors who collaborate with remote local communities to promote sustainable development.”

Nitish meeting students at one of our schools in the Helambu Valley, Nepal